Report: Patrick Kane grand jury set to resume soon

SHARE Report: Patrick Kane grand jury set to resume soon
SHARE Report: Patrick Kane grand jury set to resume soon

When Patrick Kane’s grand jury proceedings were delayed Tuesday, it left everyone asking questions.

Now, it appears things will get started again. The Chicago Tribune is reporting the grand jury proceedings will resume soon.

Kane’s attorney, Paul Cambria, told the Tribune that he wasn’t sure why the grand jury was delayed in the first place, but it wasn’t at his request.

The Buffalo News reported that the delay may have been caused by settlement talk. However, that report was disputed by a source close to the case.

Forbes has reported that even if the two sides came to a settlement, that wouldn’t necessarily end the legal proceedings.

The criminal proceeding is managed by the prosecutor and not the alleged victim. Accordingly, any settlement that is brokered between Kane and the complainant does not bind the prosecutor. The prosecutor may still proceed with a criminal case against Kane, which includes sending it back to a grand jury.

The Blackhawks start their training camp in just over a week. There is no word yet if Kane will be in attendance.

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