Friday Letters: No logic in boycotting mayor’s Dr. King breakfast

SHARE Friday Letters: No logic in boycotting mayor’s Dr. King breakfast
SHARE Friday Letters: No logic in boycotting mayor’s Dr. King breakfast

OK, so some African-American ministers don’t want to break bread with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. I get it. But it was Chicago’s first black mayor, Harold Washington, who began this tradition of an annual breakfast held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. What would the boycotters have Mayor Emanuel do? Not host the breakfast? I’m not sure how they’d protest that move. They really do need to get better vision as to what they’re protesting. Would they rather that all future mayors discontinue this practice of an annual Dr. King breakfast?

Edwina Jackson, Longwood Manor

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What do aldermen have to hide?

Who do Ald. Ed Burke and Ald. Carrie Austin think they are fooling? Both must have something to hide or they would not be so opposed to allowing Inspector General Joe Ferguson oversight of the City Council. Burke has his shady deals, and Austin — well, the lady doth protest too much!

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park

Best Obama Library advice ignored

The most important decision with respect to the Obama Presidential Library is not which architect is picked. The best design advice has already been ignored — to abandon the plan to plunk the library in a public park and build it, instead, on vacant lots and brownfields.

Maja Ramirez, Old Town

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