Monday letters: Physician-assisted suicide can be humane

SHARE Monday letters: Physician-assisted suicide can be humane
SHARE Monday letters: Physician-assisted suicide can be humane

Regarding Neil Steinberg’s Friday column about the “right to die” debate: The issue is whether physician-assisted suicide should be available to mentally competent patients who have failed conventional and/or palliative therapy, and who wish to spare their families and themselves what amounts to cruel suffering from incurable disease. We have sound data from a variety of credible sources that physician-assisted suicide can be employed in a humane and controlled manner and can, for those who wish, ease a notably bleak end. We should remember that prolongation of a life of untreatable and severe physical suffering against the wishes of the patient is not what Hippocrates had in mind when he wrote “do no harm.”

Paul Bloustein, M.D.

Cincinnati, Ohio

What’s The Donald’s real net worth?

Donald Trump’s election to the presidency may result in him taking a dramatic pay cut. It could be awkward, though, if he is forced to present his recent tax returns and we see his real bottom line. His claimed net worth of $9 billion might shrink. But then, we have found that the Donald inflates other elements of his personality too.

Vincent Kamin, the Loop

Taxes, taxes and more taxes

Now we have heard from all three of our biggest local branches of government, and all have uttered the same rhetoric — more taxes. Not one of these governments has made a significant effort to reduce spending. Almost daily we hear of a scandal involving a politician or political appointee that cost us, the taxpayers. The elections are over for a couple of years, so the politicians feel they can raise taxes to sustain their and their political cronies’ substantial lifestyle and the gullible taxpayer will retain them. The tragedy of this is that they are right.

John Culloton, Norwood Park

Drug abuse out of control

The picture in the paper on Thursday of drug customers in the 3700 block of West Grenshaw was extremely disturbing. It shows the extent of drug abuse on the West Side. I can’t believe the open, notorious and out-of-controldrug dealing at this location and the lack of law enforcement. All law enforcement agencies should be involved, including the city and state, the federal government and the IRS. This is just one location, so how many others are there in Chicago? What does that say about our society?

Dan Bartoszewski, Irving Park

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