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Kyle Long: Matt Forte earns ‘workhorse’ name

View image | gettyimages.comMany teams are weary of the 30-year-old running backs, but the Bears best player, Matt Forte, will be celebrating his 30th birthday this winter. In last Sunday’s loss to Green Bay, Forte was the team’s offense as he tallied over 160 yards in the air and rushing.

Many were concerned about his production coming into the season, but Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long says he never doubted his Pro Bowl teammate’s ability and dedication to the game.

Long told the “The Waddle and Silvy Show” that Forte has a shirt that perfectly embodies his spirit as a football player.

“Matt Forte wears a shirt at the facility every day since my rookie year — it’s a cutoff shirt so his big, ole guns can stick out — and on the bottom it says ’22,’ and up top is says ‘Workhorse.’” Bears right tackle Kyle Long said on on ESPN 1000 on Tuesday.

“If I had any issue with him wearing that shirt or if I didn’t think there was any validity to that statement, I’d tell him to take it off. But the guy earns it every day. He’s a shining example of what you are supposed to be like as a pro. He never complains. Never takes plays off. And it shows on Sundays.”

After a 141 rushing yard performance against the Packers, Forte is currently the NFL’s second leading rusher behind San Francisco’s Carlos Hyde.