Reddit drools over Jay Cutler after fairly simple interview

SHARE Reddit drools over Jay Cutler after fairly simple interview
SHARE Reddit drools over Jay Cutler after fairly simple interview

Jay Cutler’s handsomeness and physique have already been noted this training camp, but a thread on Reddit is taking the Cutler love to another level.

It’s not Cutler’s hair or muscles that are getting praise, but, gasp, his personality and leadership.

After practice this week, Cutler was asked a series of questions. (You can see all of his responses here.)

The topics included:

What are you hoping to accomplish in third preseason game?

On wide receiver depth being tested early

Are you worried about injuries heading into regular season?

On competition at running back

Do you feel that your relationship with tight end Martellus Bennett has grown?

Cutler’s responses elicited some big praise on Reddit:

I_am_not_at_work: Jay’s body language is great, he was smiling and making the reporters laugh.

Doug_McDermott: I have people tell me how terrible Jay is all the time, as if he were the lone reason we were bad last season. We could have had prime Tom Brady, and we would have missed the playoffs

AliT128: Cutler’s been really impressive off the field so far (can’t speak for on the field, but the highlights show a good story). It’s a far cry from his permamently hungover look last season, hope he keeps it up!

After a 2-0 start to the preseason, the Bears’ third preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend will provide a truer measuring stick for where the team is heading into the regular season.

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