Northwestern and Nebraska trade ugly mistakes through the first half

SHARE Northwestern and Nebraska trade ugly mistakes through the first half
SHARE Northwestern and Nebraska trade ugly mistakes through the first half

After starting the season off with an unexpected 5-0 record and climbing up the polls, Northwestern has hit a rut. Nebraska, its opponent Saturday, isn’t in a much better position.

Through the first half of the game in Lincoln, both teams have made damning mistakes, that could put their team in trouble. Northwestern made the first big blunder in the first quarter after a pair of questionable decisions.

The Northwestern defense forced Nebraska to punt, and it looked like the punt would find its way into the end zone, or at least set up a big return. However the Wildcats returner waved for a fair catch on the three yard line.

That mistake was compounded just one play later. On first down the Nebraska secondary had Northwestern’s wide receivers completely covered, giving the Cornhusker defensive line enough time to reach quarterback Clayton Thorson in the end zone.

Fortunately for Northwestern, Nebraska had no intention of running away with the game. Still down 7-5, but marching, the Cornhuskers made a costly mistake.

Inside Northwestern’s 30, Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. panicked and forced a throw straight to cornerback Nick VanHoose who returned the interception 72 yards for a touchdown.

Five words, @NUFBFamily fans: Nick VanHoose to the HOUSE! Brought to you by @hotelsdotcom. — Northwestern on BTN (@NUOnBTN) October 24, 2015

Nebraska would answer with a touchdown drive of their own which was answered by a Northwestern field goal. The teams went to the half with the Wildcats up 17-12.

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