Clutch Cube Clip: Homewood-Flossmor’s DeVon ‘Flash’ Booth

SHARE Clutch Cube Clip: Homewood-Flossmor’s DeVon ‘Flash’ Booth
SHARE Clutch Cube Clip: Homewood-Flossmor’s DeVon ‘Flash’ Booth

It’s not just the scoring of a touchdown that signifies a great play. A great play is somebody demonstrating hustle, perseverance and providing that “wow” factor. Of course everyone loves watching a good touchdown play, but the plays that create the biggest impact are not always the touchdown runs or passes. This week, The Cube honors DeVon Booth, of Homewood-Flossmoor, as this week’s best play winner for this clip from their Oct.9 game.

Booth earns this week’s honor with a spectacular play in which he somehow managed to recover a kickoff return without anyone even noticing. As a middle linebacker it is an unlikely accomplishment. These type of plays do not happen very often and to see a middle linebacker run through the entire defense for the recovery shows you how talented this young athlete is.

Watch as the “Flash” steals the show, and the ball, in this extraordinary highlight clip:

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