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Rauner grants six pardons, one commutation; rejects 150 others

Gov. Bruce Rauner granted six clemency petitions, his office announced Friday. | Sun-Times photo

Gov. Bruce Rauner has granted six clemency petitions while denying 150. He also commuted one sentence.

In a statement issued Friday, his office said each person granted clemency recently underwent a criminal background check. The people approved for clemency were also granted pardons with expungement, which allows them to ask a court to remove convictions from their records.

Two of the cases reviewed were from Cook County. Victor DeAvila was convicted of possession with intent to deliver as well as manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance. His commutation reduces his 90-year sentence with a consecutive nine years to a 60-year sentence with the nine-year sentence running concurrently.

Dominic Franklin was convicted of three counts of residential burglary and granted clemency.

The others were convicted of robbery, delivery of a controlled substance, manufacturing or delivery of cannabis, keeping a gambling place, gambling, and theft.

Rauner’s office says about 500 petitions for clemencies remain from previous administrations — down from the almost 3,000 petitions he inherited when he took office in 2015. The petitions acted on Friday date to January 2015, they say.

This is the 10th set of clemency requests Rauner has reviewed since taking office.