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Trump in Chicago before GOP convention; now fundraising with RNC

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump links Bill Clinton's trade policies to Trump's general election opponent, Hillary Clinton in a speech Wednesday in Manhattan. | Getty Images

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee announced the expansion of joint fundraising efforts on Friday, tapping veteran powerhouse GOP fundraisers and donors Ron Gidwitz and Liz Uihlein to be the Illinois “Victory” finance chairs.

Trump is expected to hit Chicago for fundraising by mid-July, before the start of the Republican Convention in Cleveland on July 18.

Uihlein, with her husband Richard, the founders of Uline Corp. are major GOP donors – to candidates and their related super PACs and conservative organizations. Gidwitz is a Chicago business executive and long-time fundraiser for Illinois candidates and causes.

Trump and the RNC named finance chairs in 33 states with the proceeds from the joint effort intended to help not only Trump at the top of the ticket – but GOP candidates for Congress, the Senate and other offices as well.

During his primary battle, Trump largely self-funded his campaign and made that one of his selling points. Heading into a general election campaign costly hundreds of millions of dollars, Trump is now fundraising from others.

“Having so many long-time supporters eager to come on board signals our nationwide fundraising effort is continuing to gain steam months ahead of Election Day,” said RNC and Trump Victory Finance Chair Lew Eisenberg said in a release.

“I am excited to have so many individuals committed to victory joining our team,” said Donald J. Trump for President Finance Chairman Steven Mnuchin in a statement.