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Sneed scoop: New legislation on way aimed at repeat gun offenders

Illinois state Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, is behind new legislation aimed at repeat gun offenders. | Associated Press file photo

Sneed is told a major piece of legislation aimed at holding repeat violent gun offenders accountable will be introduced in Springfield, growing out of conversations between Sen. Kwame Raoul and Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson over the past several months. Sneed has learned that Sens. Raoul and Tony Munoz, and Rep. Mike Zaleswki will sponsor the bill.

Look for an announcement later today.

“Chicago’s violence is largely driven by gun offenders with long rap sheets. The Chicago police are doing everything they can, but gun laws need to send the message that repeated violent behavior will not be tolerated and to ensure that these repeat offenders experience meaningful consequences for wreaking havoc on our communities,” said a top Sneed source.

Sneed is told that the legislation will establish guidelines that aim to keep repeat offenders from returning to the streets before an adequate amount of time is served, while still allowing judges to use discretion to impose lighter sentences if there are significant mitigating circumstances.