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Letters: Keeping detainees at Guantanamo brings shame on U.S.

A guard post at Camp Delta, part of the Guantanamo detention center. File photo by Paul J. Richards, Getty Images.

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The “Close Guantanamo, Boost U.S. Image” editorial (July 13) is spot-on regarding the lawlessness that permeates the very existence of the torture chamber our tax dollars maintain in Cuba. The shame of incarcerating and torturing people without recourse to trial was facilitated by the Bush administration’s desecration of the Constitution by suspending habeas corpus. The present administration’s maintenance of the torture regime at Guantanamo is deplorable and serves to foment more anti-American hatred. Guantanamo and drone attacks that kill civilians serve as recruiting tools by terrorists to foster hatred of America.

Edward D. Juillard, Morgan Park

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Democrats’ debt mess

I am delighted that Dan Webb has advised that we can’t afford to let Donald Trump become president (“Republican against Trump” — July 12). Yet, somehow we have foolishly tolerated President Barack Obama taking us from $10 trillion in debt to $20 trillion in debt. Hillary Clinton will kick the can down the road even further. Somebody must instill financial discipline soon.

Joseph A. Murzanski, Palos Heights

Fund-raisers freeze out average citizens

Without a fair and balanced media, the average American cannot have a voice in the direction of politics. Participation in fund-raisers at $10,000 is unaffordable, and $100,000 for a meet and greet is unattainable.

Scott R. Zuhr, Park Ridge

A losing proposition

Q.: What’s the only good reason to vote for Hillary Clinton?

A.: Donald Trump.

Q.: What’s the only good reason to vote for Donald Trump?

A.: Hillary Clinton.

George W. Price, Portage Park

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