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Comcast to spend $100 million to expand service

Comcast announced Wednesday plans to invest $100 million to expand their network for businesses and residents across the Chicago region. | Comcast

Comcast announced Wednesday it will invest $100 million in fiber optic and coaxial cable to expand its network for businesses and residents across the Chicago region.

The project, taking place over the next three years, will bring 50 miles of cable to seven square miles of downtown Chicago including the Loop, River North and River West, making it the largest single concentrated fiber expansion in the company’s history.

“Businesses and residents want the latest technology and fastest internet service,” Comcast spokesman Jack Segal said. “This project will allow us to bring a state-of-the-art service” to thousands in the area.

The project aims to add capacity to meet the growing needs of Chicago tech firms as well as expanded internet, video, voice and home security and automation services for residential customers.

Comcast’s project will also expand service in the city’s Back of the Yards and Bridgeport neighborhoods at in the Peterson-Pulaski business district near O’Hare.

“Chicago is the largest metropolitan area Comcast serves. We live, work and provide service here, so these projects are more than just good business. They’re an investment in the region’s economic future – a future we all share,” John Crowley, a Comcast senior vice president, said in a news release.