Sneed: Are Trump’s misfires intentional?

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks Tuesday at a rally in Westfield, Ind. | AP photo

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Trump stump . . . 

So what gives?

Is the Donald Trump steamroller filled with hot air?

Are Trump’s press flacks sending up trial balloons filled with false information on purpose?

Or is it Trump’s mouth that gets ahead of his train?


A week ago, the press was tipped former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson was invited to attend and speak at the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday in Cleveland.

Tyson, a Trump fan, denied it.

The press was told legendary former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka had been invited to attend and speak at the RNC.

Ditka, a Trump fan, denied it.

Last week, the press was tipped evangelical Christian footballer Tim Tebow, a former quarterback for the Denver Broncos, was going to speak at the convention.

Tebow said nope, that was news to him.

Then, late Thursday, the press was tipped by the Trumpsters that Trump had chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate only to be tipped later Trump was having second thoughts about his choice and was postponing his Friday announcement.

But really, folks!

Is Trump smokin’ posies, or what?



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Trump twaddle . . . 


Reports are true Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, who is going to speak at the Republican National Convention, was named after the legendary jewelry store.

Her mother, Marla Maples, loved the Audrey Hepburn flick “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Dateline: The fault line . . .

Awash in South Side street violence, a city scrambling to hire 600 new cops is facing a major pothole.

Here’s what’s giving Mayor Rahm Emanuel a case of the jitters: a phalanx of cops retiring by year’s end.


“So far this year, approximately 400 cops have retired,” FOP chief Dean Angelo said.

“It is anticipated nearly 200 police may retire before the end of the year — and more are expected to pull out before June 17 next year before a major medical insurance benefit is due to end,” Angelo said.

A former top cop tells Sneed: “This is serious. The force is already down a huge amount of manpower. Besides, if you hire a cop tomorrow — you can’t put them on the street for six months until they go through police academy training, and then they need street experience, which takes time.

“Remember, the street doesn’t seem to be afraid of cops anymore,” the source said.

Drop the fork!

Hillary’s BFF Betsy Ebeling, the Park Ridge schoolmate of Hillary Rodham Clinton, is heading to the Dem National Convention in Philly — and it’s all business this time.

No luncheons.

No chitchat.

No Hillary hanging out with classmates Anne Drake, Hardye Moel, Beth Drost, Jill Harker, Bonnie Klehr and Sukie Stanley  the usual school bunch who tend to lunch or munch when Hillary is in town.

“We’ll all be there to support her,” Ebeling said. “We love her. But there are no plans for a late-night dinner or private get-togethers this time. Right now, my plans are to do things with the Illinois Delegation.”

Deep Depp . . . 

Actor Johnny Depp, who is getting divorced from actress Amber Heard, is selling off property. Not only does he have his house in the south of France on the market for $55 million buckaroos  but Christie’s auction house just sold some of his works by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat for $14.6 million.


Come to think of it, Depp looks like a Jean-Michel Basquiat work of art.

I spy . . . 

The three wise men: Spotted huddling at the “seen but not seen” corner booth at Gene & Georgetti, the City Club of Chicago’s Jay Doherty, financial genius Tom Lanctot and Big Shoulders stellar Josh Hale. The uber-connected trio are a pen’s powerhouse. Oh, to be a mouse under that table. . . .“Chicago Fire” star Joe Minoso surprised kids Friday at Shriners Children’s Hospital, showing up with 50 pizzas from Blaze Pizza eatery and helping to devour them. A whiffle ball game followed.


It’s the numbers game: When Tony Bennett hits Ravinia Aug. 13 for his 32nd year at the venue, he will have turned 90 10 days earlier. (Are you counting?) He once headlined with Sophie Tucker at the famous Chez Paree club in Chicago in the 1950s!

His upcoming book, “Just Getting Started,” is in collaboration with Chicago native and NPR host Scott Simon.

Sneedlings . . .

Condolences to the family of Nancy Gattuso, whose beloved mother Concetta Gattuso died July 6 at the age of 85. No mother had a better daughter, except maybe Nancy’s daughter Francesca Gattuso, my steady right and left hand, my assistant par excellence. I now know why I’m so lucky. Condolences also to Nancy’s father Nino Gattuso on the loss of his wonderful wife. . . . Saturday’s birthdays: Will Ferrell, 49; Duncan Keith, 33; and Barry Sanders, 48. . . . Sunday’s birthdays: Luke Bryan, 40; Angela Merkel, 62; and Jeremih Felton, 29.

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