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Brock Lesnar is ‘juiced to the gills’? Who’d have thunk it!

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Brock Lesnar isn’t a man. He’s a mountain range. His brow is so pronounced you could ski jump off it, and to scale his sheer cheekbones, crampons would be required.

And that’s just his mesa head. The rest of him is muscle upon muscle upon muscle. The thing to remember, though, is that he’s a man-made mountain range and that, like all man-made things, subject to human weaknesses and failings.

Lesnar reportedly tested positive for a banned substance twice before his June 9 UFC victory over Mark Hunt, but the test results weren’t available until after the bout. That his samples weren’t clean should come as no surprise to anyone who has looked at Lesnar from head to toe and felt the primordial urge to run away as fast as possible. Sorry, but no one was born to look this frightening.

ESPN reported that the drug in Lesnar’s system was clomiphene, an estrogen inhibitor often used by steroid users to block the increase in estrogen that comes with a surge in testosterone. That’s the technical way of saying that it stops the growth of man boobs.

About a week before the fight, Hunt accused Lesnar of being “juiced to the gills.’’ To which Lesnar said: “I’m a white boy, and I’m jacked. Deal with it.’’

His tone has changed in recent days.

“We will get to the bottom of this,’’ he said.

I think we already have.