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Sneed: Trump’s son not happy with former campaign manager

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's former campaign manager, says he still has "great respect" for Trump. | Getty Images

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Sorry, Corey!

CLEVELAND — Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is in Trump trouble.

He is being accused by Donald Trump Jr. of campaign sabotage.

“I’m OK,” Lewandowski told Sneed on the RNC floor Wednesday night.

“I’m not going anywhere. I have great respect for Mr. Trump. I’ve been with him a long time.”

Calling him bitter and vindictive, Trump’s eldest son lashed out at Lewandowski for telling the press his successor, Paul Manafort, should be fired for approving Melania Trump’s convention speech.

The speech caused an uproar at the convention when it was hit with accusations of cribbing from a 2008 Michelle Obama speech.

“Enough’s enough,” Trump Jr. said at a Wall Street Journal breakfast Wednesday.

“You can’t claim to be an ally and then try to sabotage the guy that you’re upset with,” he said.

Lewandowski, who felt Melania was poorly served by Manafort’s campaign operation, is a member of the New Hampshire delegation — where he acknowledged Donald Trump as “my friend,” at a convention microphone.

When Sneed asked if Trump had talked to him today, he just smiled.


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All in the family . . .

Former White House Adviser David Axelrod predicts Trump Jr. may have launched a political career stemming from his boffo convention speech Tuesday night.

“My wife thinks his speech was masterful and she has a great gauge,” he told Sneed.

Melania is missing . . .

Trump arrived in Cleveland on Wednesday minus wife Melania, who is still reeling from the speech scandal.

• Upshot: The Donald’s “forgiveness” Wednesday of Melania’s speechwriter, Meredith McIver, for sloppy work has yet to stop the presses.

• Buckshot: Sources told Sneed a humiliated Melania expected her husband to handle the problem, and a plan was being worked out.

Will the smoke die down?

Will The Donald apologize?

Will Melania apologize?

Isn’t this fun?

Stay tuned.

Absent, without leave . . .

Sneed is told Gov. Bruce Rauner, who detests Trump, may be a no-show here — but he is monitoring what’s going on.

“He’s been calling,” an Illinois delegate who asked not to be identified said. “He can’t stand Trump. He doesn’t like the way he does business.”

• The kicker: Sneed is told there is now $15.2 million in the “Citizens for Rauner” fund — and not a penny will go to Trump. It’s state funds.

Chicago got thwacked . . .

Trump Jr. made mincemeat of Chicago from the convention podium Tuesday night — and the Illinois delegation didn’t flinch.

In blasting Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr. cited gun-control legislation that he believes violates the Second Amendment.

“Just look at how effective those laws have been in inner-city Chicago,” he said.

“It’s a city with the toughest gun laws in our nation where 70 people were murdered last month alone and where over 3,400 American lives have been lost since this administration took office in 2009.

“You know why those laws fail? Because criminals by definition don’t follow laws,” Trump Jr. added.

Bolingbrook mayor Roger Claar, a Trump delegate, told Sneed: “ Why flinch? He was right.”

Cruz control . . .

Watching the RNC delegates after Ted Cruz left a Trump endorsement out of his convention speech was like watching a balloon deflate. Wow.

The LaHood lane . . .

He’s not gonna do it.

Former U.S. Transportation secretary Ray LaHood, a Republican who served in the Obama administration, is not a Trump fan.

“No. I am not going to vote for Donald Trump. I am not a Trump supporter. I don’t like the way he trashes people, especially the 16 primary candidates he ran against.

“It’s not the politics I believe in,” LaHood said, who was decked out in saddle shoes he wears twice a year.

A Clinton supporter?

“Let’s just see how the campaign works out,” said LaHood, who says he gives “Obama high marks. It’s not easy to get big things done.”

Tales from the front . . .

Greetings from what is now Trump’s turf.

• Both sides now: It’s not just the RNC protesters on the move in Cleveland. Conservatives are carrying placards that read: “I Love Capitalism!” “Socialism Sucks” “Free Hugs!”

• Whoops! U.S. Rep. John Shimkus needs a geography lesson: He told Illinois delegates at a Yacht Club luncheon in Cleveland on Tuesday, “It’s great to be here next to Lake Superior!”

It’s Lake Erie, bud.

Celeb set . . .

Reality star Caitlyn Jenner was spotted at the RNC promoting LGBTQ issues and . . . oh, what cleavage!

Sneedlings . . .

Congrats to U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush on the birth of his grandchild, Ariana Melina Munoz-Rush, daughter of son Flynn and wife Melissa. . . . Today’s birthdays: Romeo Santos, 35; Josh Hartnett, 38, Sara Sampaio, 25, and a belated 91st birthday wish to Ed McElroy.

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