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Pokémon Go on the Go: Illinois State Museum & Conservation World

Conservation World at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield is one location for Pokémon Go.
Credit: Dale Bowman

Maybe we need to rethink what gets kids outside.

Pokémon Go, a free app game based on Pokémon, certainly works.

“Seems to be getting a lot of young people outdoors this summer, which is good,’’ emailed Tim Schweizer, spokesman for the Illinois DNR. “Haven’t heard of any surge at any of our state sites, though I’m told a couple targets are near the pond at Conservation World.’’

Conservation World is on the north end of the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, where the Illinois State Fair is Aug. 11-21.

Illinois DNR communications director Chris Young said he understood “there are Pokémon critters to be had in Conservation World here on the fairgrounds and at the State Museum.’’

The Indiana DNR reported, as of last week, there were more than 200 locations for the game at Indiana’s 24 state parks and eight reservoir properties. Click here for details on that.