Tuesday Letters: Vote withheld from Clinton is vote for Trump

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Supporters of former US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hold signs at a rally at City Hall in Philadelphia on Monday, as Democrats gather to formally annoint Hillary Clinton as their candidate for the November presidential election at the Democratic National Convention. / NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Most die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters swearing never to support Hillary seem to be in their 20s or 30s, so they may not remember the 2,000 election. The following is for them: Ideological purity is admirable in theory, but politics is harsh reality. Wisdom says, “Never let  the perfect be the enemy of the  good.” Purity of heart is always overmatched in the end; the stakes are too high. Today, we face the barbarian at the gate.

In the 2000 election, purity upstart Ralph Nader drew 2.7 percent of presumably Democrat votes,  thus helping cause Al Gore to lose a razor-thin election to  George W. Bush. What followed? A false-pretense war now 13 years long, fought with borrowed money ballooning our national debt, which paved the way for the 2007 recession that just ended.

Practicality matters. Every vote withheld from Hillary similarly risks a calamitous Trump win, producing a laughingstock America few would recognize or admire, with empty promises and misery for all. Ideological purity is often a remorseful booby prize.

Ted Z. Manuel, Hyde Park

Ivanka for president

Watching the GOP nominating convention convinced me that our next president should be a woman: Ivanka Trump.

Lee Regner, Park Ridge

Good letter

Walt Zlotow’s letter about the Iran deal was spot-on correct. It’s refreshing to find clear, rational thought in these paranoid times. Thank you, Walt.

Tony Galati, Lemont

Simple rules

I once belonged to a pretty good club. When I joined, they just had a few simple rules. You have joined our Corps, you will respect the Corps rules and regulations,y ou will respect the Corps officers, you will wear the Corps uniform of the day with pride, your individual actions will always reflect on your fellow Corps members. Semper fi.

My hat’s off to the White Sox for suspending for five games Chris Sale, a baseball superstar without question who has joined a club that gave him a five-year $32 million contract.

Last week, Sale decided he did not like the uniform designation that the club chose. Not your call Chris. Respect goes both ways Being a superstar does not mean petulance overrides the rules of the club.

In that club I belonged to, the “punk”  label would come to mind, and being sent home for five days would have been an easy price to pay.

Bob Angone, Miramar Beach, Fla.

Thanks for the lakefront

The miserable, stressful week of high temperature and humidity readings caused myriad locals and visitors to avail themselves of the peerless offerings of our magnificent lakefront. Can you imagine how we would have fared without it? One is reminded of the brilliance of Kajetan Felder, mayor of Vienna, who in 1860 proclaimed: “Parks are the lungs of a megalopolis.”

Apropos lungs, we know about temperature and humidity. We know less about our air quality and pollution. Is it time for us to include the onomatopoetic Yiddish word “schmutz,” meaning dirt or filth, by adding a “schmutz index?” Any person experiencing pulmonary distress will understand.

Leon J. Hoffman, Lake View

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