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Friday Letters: Will Obama library affect Wooded Island serenity?

Wooded Island in Jackson Park in 1994. | Sun-Times Llibrary

We now know that the Obama presidential library is to be located in Jackson Park. But what will the construction of and the presence of the library do to the serenity of and access to Wooded Island, which the library will, it seems, parallel? The choosing of the site in Jackson Park is another example of public land being turned over to private concerns.

For those of you in Washington Park, where the project would have done the most good, did your coffee turn cold Thursday morning as you read the news? Did you drain your cups to their bitter dregs?

John Vukmirovich, Lemont

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Oh, no! Someone is erecting a building in a lakefront park in Chicago! Daniel Burnham is turning in his grave! Quick, Friends of the Parks, sic ’em! Wait a minute, you mean there is no parking lot involved and it’s President Barack Obama’s building? Never mind!

No hypocrisy here, right Chicago?

Tom Sharp, Lincoln Park

Blagojevich plea

Former Illinois governor and convicted felon Rod Blagojevich is in the news again. Apparently he’s trying to get his 14-year corruption sentence reduced to five years. He has already served four years.

After all, Blago has been a model prisoner by helping his fellow inmates, learning to play the guitar and starting a band.

I think this is a precursor to a presidential pardon. And while he has a jailhouse band, he’ll be pardoned for not singing.

Mike Simon, Glen Ellyn

Remaining mute

Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, is committing treason by encouraging Vladimir Putin to hack Clinton’s emails. He is inviting Putin to violate our sovereignty.

He also wants to change the Geneva Convention to allow for waterboarding and other forms of torture.

Almost as bad as these unbelievable statements today is the fact that most of the key Republican leaders have remained mute. In other words, it’s acceptable for Trump commit treason in pursuit of being commander in chief!

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

Where’s Donald’s critique?

Part of Melania Trump’s convention speech was plagiarized from Michelle Obama. Mrs. Trump also claimed to have a university degree from Slovenia when, in fact, she left after her freshman year. No degree. If she wasn’t Mrs. Trump, would Donald Trump call her “that lying Melania”?

Carole Gallotta, Lyons

Tears over city

God is holding his head in His hands and crying over our city, our country, our world and the “free will” He gave to his creations.

Gigi Novello, Edgewater