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Lakefront Trail repaved on North Side; more work to come

Mayor Rahm Emanuel checks out a newly repaved portion of the Lakefront Trail. | Brooke Collins/City of Chicago

Repaving may have finished on a North Side stretch of the Lakefront Trail, but the work is far from over.

The latest portion of the trail to be repaved runs from Irving Park Road to Addison Street and is the second stretch of trail to be improved, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office announced Friday.

Emanuel’s office announced in late June that the Chicago Park District had begun repaving the Lakefront Trail segments at a time.

Construction began on the North Side and will continue toward Oak Street Beach, said Jessica Faulkner, director of the Chicago Park District’s communications department.

The park district will hold off repaving the stretches of trail next to the beaches until after the Air and Water Show, Faulkner said, and repaving starting from the south end of the trail is expected to begin next week.

But resurfacing the trail is only the first phase of improvements.

Once repaving is complete, the park district will begin work to create a separate lane for bicyclists on the Lakefront Trail, Faulkner said. That work to keep bicyclists apart from runners and pedestrians will be done between Fullerton and Ohio as well as between 31st to 51st Streets.