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Metra’s midday express service on Rock Island Line starts Monday

Sun-Times file photo

Starting Monday, Metra riders on the Rock Island Line can cut their commute to Chicago by 15-20 minutes by boarding a midday express train.

Metra is adding three inbound express trains and two outbound express trains during the midday as part of a six-month trial program, according to Metra.

Inbound express trains will make all stops between Joliet and Blue Island and will operate express to the 35th Street/Lou Jones Station or the LaSalle Street Station, Metra said. Additionally, customers can ask for a flag stop at 35th Street/Lou Jones station on express trains to LaSalle.

Suburban customers going to a Beverly Branch station and branch riders going to the suburbs will need to transfer at Blue Island, Metra said. The schedule has been designed to make the transfer more convenient.

Outbound midday express trains will offer riders service from LaSalle Street Station to Blue Island and stations farther south with the option of flag stops at 35th Street, Metra said.

The trial program — funded by a $140,000 grant from the RTA’s Innovation, Coordination and Enhancement program — will be evaluated before the decision to make it permanent is decided.