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Lucky Maya Lily Lubelfeld has free Ravinia Festival pass for life

Thanks to a lucky birthday, Maya Lily Lubelfeld of Deerfield will go to Ravinia — for free — for the rest of her life. | Provided Photo

Young Maya Lily Lubelfeld of Deerfield will be going to the Ravinia Festival for decades — totally for free. Thanks to being the first local baby born on Aug. 15, 2004 — the date Ravinia celebrated the centennial of its 1904 founding — Maya received quite the special baby present.

The day she was born, conductor James Conlon visited Maya and her mother that morning at Rush North Shore Skokie to award the infant the one-and-only lifetime lawn pass ever issued at Ravinia.

Now that Maya is about to turn 13, she is ready to put that pass to good use for the first time — going to the sold-out upcoming Train and Andy Grammer concerts.

The pass will admit Maya and her guest to any and every show she’d like to attend for the rest of her life.

Let’s hope that Maya will be enjoying that very special privilege into a healthy and happy old age!