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Craig Stebic puts Plainfield house on market

Craig Stebic has put his Plainfield home on the market. | Sun-Times file photo

For years, arm-chair detectives have wondered what went on inside the Plainfied home of Craig and Lisa Stebic. As of last week, they can take a look inside for themselves — if they contact Craig Stebic’s real estate agent.

The three-bedroom house in the Nature’s Crossing subdivision is the last place Lisa Stebic was seen after she left for a workout some nine years ago and never returned. The house is listed for $259,000, an apparent discount for similar homes listed in the neighborhood, according to the real estate website.

Shortly before she went missing, Lisa Stebic had mailed eviction papers to her husband, seeking to force him out of the home as they completed their divorce. The evening of April 30, 2007, her husband said someone picked her up to go to the gym, while he worked in the yard and looked after the couple’s son and daughter.

Craig Stebic was named by police as a person of interest in his wife’s disappearance, and he ceased cooperating with investigators in the months after Lisa went missing. Craig Stebic stayed largely silent in the ensuing months, even as Lisa’s family publicly accused him of foul play.

Craig Stebic has never been charged with any crime, and police have said the case long ago went cold. The couple’s children would be in their early 20s now.

Copy photo of Lisa Stebic from the “” website
Copy photo of Lisa Stebic from the “” website

Stebic appears to have paid off the 2,300-square-foot house in 2014, according to Will County property records.

Among the features of the house, built in 1999, are three bathrooms, a rec room, den and an inground pool that featured prominently in a minor media tempest when then-NBC Chicago reporter Amy Jacobson was filmed by a rival station in her bathing suit after bringing her children over for a dip in the pool in June 2007.

Jacobson told her superiors at the station that the off-hours visit was a ploy to build trust with the Stebics amid the media frenzy surrounding Lisa’s disappearance, but the reporter and Channel 5 cut ties soon after footage of her in her bikini aired on CBS.

Stebic’s real estate agent, Frank Ristucci, declined to comment on the listing.