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KD signing is another reminder of Derrick Rose’s selfishness

Jimmy Butler’s attitude is there’s nothing he can’t do on the basketball court, and if there is he will tirelessly work at improving it.

A mindset that is about to be tested come late July.

That’s when Butler joins the rest of Team USA in Las Vegas for the practice sessions leading up to the Summer Olympics. Basically, the “it’’ place for recruiting to start between NBA players.

We’ll find out just what kind of weight Butler carries around the league, and just how good a recruiter the new face of the Bulls franchise can be.

Monday’s league-shattering news that Kevin Durant will take less money to join Steph Curry and Co. in the Bay Area was just another reminder of what the new NBA looks like.

LeBron James pioneered it and perfected it, allowing the players to have the power to play general manager. And they are.

What that means for those that have been sleeping on the league the past five years, money isn’t the factor it used to be. Allegiances are based on who brings the best recruiting package, not the fattest wallet.

Comfort and the chase for the ring reign supreme.

Durant’s defection from Oklahoma City was just another reminder of that.

When it came down to recruiting time, not only was Curry front and center for Golden State’s pitch, but so were All-Stars Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and of course coach Steve Kerr. Deeper than that, however, Durant had built a relationship with Warriors Curry and Andre Iguodala back on the FIBA run that Team USA made back in 2010.

That’s where Butler comes in.

If the Bulls are to make the jump out of their current path of mediocrity, Butler needs to be the salesman. Big-name free agents aren’t coming to Chicago to play for the two-headed front office snake of Gar Forman and John Paxson. They’re not coming for the market or the city.

That’s been proven over the last decade.

This is about “Do I like the guys I’ll be playing with and can we win a title?’’

Very simple.

Also, the very reason why Derrick Rose hurt this organization throughout his time in a Bulls uniform.

The former face of the franchise couldn’t even make a scheduled dinner in the Carmelo Anthony recruitment tour back in 2014, instead leaving Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson as the players representing the team that night, as an extra plate that had to be cleared off the restaurant table.

In all his years as a Bull, Rose admitted to making two phone calls to potential free agents: Kirk Hinrich and Pau Gasol.

His best recruiting plea? Well, it came last week, when the point guard finally seemed to understand the new business of basketball, all but begging Noah to come join him as a teammate once again. The problem? Rose’s best recruiting job came as a member of the New York Knicks.

Rose apologists tried to pass off Rose’s refusal to play recruiter as “old school,’’ or some badge of toughness that the players in the 1980s would have embraced. It was actually selfish and out of touch with the rest of the league’s superstars.

Yet, another reason why Rose leaves Chicago without those unsightly tan lines caused by a championship ring.

It’s Butler’s turn.

He’s being paid like an elite player, and his selection to Team USA has him being treated like an elite player.

Now it’s time to see if he can act like one in the ultimate high-priced pick-up game.