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Slide the City slips into Montrose Beach on July 30

Two inflatable slip-and-slides, each 400 feet long, will be set up at Montrose Beach on July 30. | Slide the City photo

A splash of color that will bring back childhood memories is taking over Montrose Beach later this month.

Two 400-foot slip-and-slides will be installed at the beach’s Cricket Hill on July 30.

Adults and kids can grab a tube and head down the inflatable slide from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. There also will be music, and vendors will sell food and drinks.

This is the second year Utah-based Sack Lunch Productions has held the events it calls “Slide the City” in locations around the country.

“I’ve never seen more happy people in a concentrated area,” co-owner Spencer Hunt said. “I see 60-year-old women telling me how much fun they had going on the slides.”

Riders must be at least 5 years old and taller than 46 inches. Each slide will have three lanes, with one reserved for children up to 10 years old; smaller children can ride down with a grown-up.

All riders must use an inflatable tube; you can borrow one, or buy one to take home for $2.

So far, 1,000 people have signed up, but Hunt says he expects around 3,000.

Guests can choose from several tickets; all come with a mouth guard and a drawstring bag:

  • The Ultimate Slider $30 – The rider can use the slide as many times as they’d like during selected wave time.
  • The Double Slider $18 – Person can slide twice during the wave time.
  • Friends and Family 4-pack $100 – Allows four people to use the slide as many times as they’d like during their wave time.
  • All Day Slider $75 – Allows a slider to use the slip-and-slide as many times as they’d like throughout the day.

Hunt figures he will spend about $300 on water, which he gets from a hydrant. Part of the proceeds will go to a local charity, though it has not been selected yet.

Slide-the-City also will visit Carpentersville on July 23.

Details and tickets are available on the Slide the City website.