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White Sox first team since 1979 to turn three triple plays

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson catches a line drive by New York Yankees' Mark Teixeira earlier this week. (AP Photo/Matt Marton)

Tim Anderson has been busy since being called up by the White Sox last month.

Add playing a major role in a triple play to the rookie shortstop’s accomplishments.

Anderson nabbed a Freddie Freeman line drive, tagged out lead runner Chase d’artaud , who led off the third inning with a walk before stepping on second base to force out Gordon Beckham and then threw to first baseman Jose Abreu to throw out Freeman on Friday night against the Braves to finish off the triple play.

The defensive gem was the third triple play turned in this season by the Sox, who became the first team since 1979 to pull off a trio of triple plays. Both the Red Sox and A’s accomplished the feat during that season, according to the Society for American Baseball Research’s triple play database.

The White Sox turned in an unique 9-3-2-2-6-5 triple play on April 22 against the Rangers before turning a more conventional triple play on May 18 against the Astros.

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