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Hundreds attend services for Indiana police dog that died on duty

Tyson, an Indiana police dog that died in the line of duty.

VEEDERSBURG, Ind. — Hundreds of police officers paid their final respects to a police dog that died from heat exhaustion after chasing three armed robbery suspects.

Officers from around Indiana attended Friday’s funeral for the dog, Tyson, at a church in the western Indiana town of Veedersburg.

The police dog for the Fountain County Sheriff’s Department died last month after pursuing three men who robbed a Danville, Illinois, pharmacy.

Chief Deputy Bob Kemp says Tyson became ill as he other police dogs searched a swampy, wooded area for the men, who were eventually apprehended.

WTHR-TV reports that officers consoled Tyson’s handler, Deputy Andrew Krout, during Friday’s services.

Sheriff William Sanders told officers attending the funeral that Tyson “was one of us” and that the dog was truly Krout’s “backup” and partner.