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3 Patriots players Bears will watch: Martellus, Shea and a Long

The Bears traded tight end Martellus Bennett to the Patriots in March. (AP)

The Bears have plenty to watch in Foxborough, Mass., that has nothing to do with Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski or even Rolling Meadows High School alum Jimmy Garoppolo.

Here’s a look at friends, enemies and family members they’ll keep an eye on this week:

• Marty B: The Bears traded tight end Martellus Bennett in March because of his locker room demeanor. While coach John Fox wouldn’t rehash his Bears career, new starting tight end Zach Miller said he’ll say hello.

“I probably won’t get to see him much because I’ll be with their defense and he’ll be on the other field,” Miller said. “But I’ll probably pop in and say hi.”

It won’t be all good feelings. Bennett and his brother ripped Jay Cutler in an ESPN interview published last month. Michael Bennett called Cutler the worst quarterback in the NFL, while Martellus accused him of throwing to double-covered receivers instead of him.

• Shea! The Bears’ Shea McClellin experiment ended this offseason when they signed two proven inside linebackers. The Patriots gave the Boise State alum a three-year deal and put him on the edge — at a hybrid outside linebacker/defensive end spot.

“That’s going to be exciting to see him out there; he was really good in college at it,” Bears linebacker Christian Jones said. “I think that’s his natural spot.”

Jones has stayed in touch with McClellin, who he said likes his new home.

“Shea’s a nice pass rusher,” Jones said. “He has real finesse moves.”

• Another Long. Kyle Long’s older brother Chris, the former Rams defensive end, signed with the Patriots this offseason. The last time they faced each other, Chris came off the bench to help break up Kyle’s fight.

“It’s obviously really cool to be able to play in a league my older brother also plays in,” Kyle said. “I just hope we get along. I think we will.”