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Indoor ‘pet relief room’ opens at Midway

A new indoor pet relief area at Midway Airport allows passengers with service animals and pets to relieve their animals without needing to go back through security. | Chicago Department of Aviation

Travelers at Midway International Airport who are accompanied by service animals and/or pets now have an indoor space to allow them to use the bathroom.

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) announced the opening of an indoor pet relief room Wednesday at Midway, according to a statement. The room is designed to accommodate passengers traveling with service animals and is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

Travelers will no longer need to pass back through security in order to relieve their service animal in outdoor pet relief areas at the airport while they are waiting for their departure or during a layover, according to the statement.

The relief room at Midway is located on the A Concourse across from Gate A-5 and includes a 2-foot by 4-foot area of artificial grass for traveling pets to use, the CDA said. The room also includes a miniature fire hydrant and automatic flushing system to wash liquid waste into a drain. Plastic bags are included, as well as a sink for passengers to use.