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Man held without bail after allegedly shooting pregnant sister

William Welch | Chicago Police photo

William Welch was mad that his pregnant sister and her husband wanted him out of their West Side residence because of his PCP habit.

So he pointed a gun at his brother-in-law’s forehead. And then went on to shoot his sister twice while she was getting ready for church on Sunday, Cook County prosecutors said.

“Bitch, f— you,” Welch allegedly said before striking his younger sister, shooting her in the abdomen and breast, Assistant State’s Attorney Elena Gottreich said.

Welch’s sister and brother-in-law survived the violent family feud that took place on the second floor in the 1600 block of South Springfield.

But his sister, who was 27 weeks pregnant, had to have an emergency Cesarean section. The couple’s baby boy died two days later from a lack of oxygen due to his premature birth and other complications, Gottreich said.

Welch was charged with murder and attempted murder. He was ordered held without bail by Judge Peggy Chiampas on Friday.

Welch’s sister, 35, remained hospitalized recovering from the surgery to remove the bullet that went through her spleen and kidney, Gottreich said.

She had been trying to get Welch to move out after he came to live with the couple for roughly a year, Gottreich said.

On Saturday, they told him he had to pack his bags, Gottreich said.

Welch, 38, refused to listen, so his sister called 911, Gottreich said.

When police responded, Welch left but then came back, staying the night.

On Sunday, the 34-year-old brother-in-law told Welch again that he had to leave. Later, when the brother-in-law turned around after getting water from the sink, he found Welch pressing a gun against his forehead, Gottreich said.

Welch allegedly pulled the trigger, and the gun clicked.

The brother-in-law ran toward the front of the house and heard the slide of the gun being pulled again, Gottreich said.

Welch’s sister saw her husband run from him but didn’t see the gun, Gottreich said.

She was shot when she went on to confront Welch, Gottreich said.

Welch fled out the back door with his gun.

On Tuesday, he flagged down a squad car, told police who he was, got on his knees and put his hands behind his back, Gottreich said.

He then allegedly asked, “Is the baby dead?”

He also admitted to shooting his sister and said he knew she was expecting, Gottreich said.

Welch was in special education classes when he went to school and has learning disabilities, Assistant Public Defender Kathryn Lisco said.