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Trump picks Skokie’s Jovita Carranza for Hispanic advisory panel

Then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a Hispanic advisory roundtable meeting in New York, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016. At right is Jovita Carranza. | AP file photo

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump picked Jovita Carranza, a Skokie resident who was a Small Business Administration executive under former President George W. Bush, to be a member of his National Hispanic Advisory Council for Trump.

The group met with Trump on Saturday at his New York headquarters in Trump Tower. The session was organized by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.

In March 2015, Carranza was named by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner to the Illinois Enterprise Zone Board. She is the founder of The JCR Group.

The Senate confirmed Carranza to a be a deputy administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration at the end of 2006; she served until January 2009.

Carranza donated to Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign and in 2016 contributed to the RNC and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.