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Madden franchise still hates Jay Cutler and the Bears

The player rating numbers have been leaked for weeks, but when Madden ’17 hit the public on Tuesday, the continual disrespect for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler by the gaming franchise became official.

Cutler’s overall ranking to start the season is an 80.

To put that in perspective, there are 22 starting quarterbacks ranked higher than Cutler, including second-year quarterback Jameis Winston (84), plus Teddy Bridgewater (82), Derek Carr (84), Kirk Cousins (84) and Blake Bortles (84).

Those in Cutler’s area code?

Ryan Tannehill (80), Ryan Fitzpatrick (80) and Marcus Mariota (80).

The top-ranked quarterbacks? Aaron Rodgers (99), Tom Brady (97), Ben Roethlisberger (95) and Cam Newton (95).

Cutler did get a 97 for throw power, but his accuracy across the board — short, medium and long — took a hit, as well as an 81 for intangibles. Hey, but they gave his personality an 85, and his overall ranking last season was a 78, so it wasn’t all bad.

As far as the rest of the Bears, the highest-ranked player was Pernell McPhee with a 93, followed by receiver Alshon Jeffery and his 92.

The fastest Bears player on the roster is cornerback Bryce Callahan (94 speed), and the toughest player on the roster, according to the game designers, is lineman Amini Silatolu (95 toughness).

Now the really bad news: The overall team rating for the Bears is a 74, which was the lowest in the NFC.