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McHenry County inmates charged with burglary at Union bar

Andrew C. Hintt | Woodstock police

Two men who were already being held at the McHenry County Jail have been charged with a burglary earlier this month at a bar in northwest suburban Union.

Andrew C. Hintt, 26, and Harold T. Caley Jr., 31, have each been charged with burglary, theft and property damage for a break-in Aug. 4 at Clasen’s Tavern in Union, according to a statement from the McHenry County sheriff’s office.

They were identified as suspects in the burglary after they had been arrested and charged in connection with separate crimes in Woodstock, the sheriff’s office said.

Hintt, who lives in Woodstock, was arrested earlier this month and charged with stealing an ATM from a Woodstock bowling alley in July, the sheriff’s office said. He was also charged with several weapons and drug offenses after authorities searched his home and found a handgun reported stolen in Florida and more than 6 pounds of marijuana.

Caley is also facing multiple drug charges, according to sheriff’s office records.

Bond for both men was set at $70,000, and they were scheduled to appear in court again Sept. 19.

Howard T. Caley Jr. | McHenry County sheriff’s office
Howard T. Caley Jr. | McHenry County sheriff’s office