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Bobby Portis retweeted the FreeBobbyPortis hashtag

Bulls fans have been using the hashtag #FreeBobbyPortis all season to express their desire to see more playing time for the rookie forward. Now Portis himself is in on the social media campaign.

Portis retweeted a #FreeBobbyPortis tweet from former Arkansas teammate Dusty Hannahs:

Via Twitter/@BPortistime
Via Twitter/@BPortistime

Despite ongoing struggles from Joakim Noah and others, Portis has played sparingly through 12 games this season.

His only playing time has come in blowouts – 10 minutes in a 130-105 loss to Charlotte on Nov. 3 and 10 minutes in a 111-88 win over Philadelphia on Nov. 9. This after he averaged more than 11 points, nine rebounds and 22 minutes in seven preseason games.

He has 12 points in 20 minutes this season.

This isn’t the first time Portis has rocked the boat on Twitter. Last week he appeared to call out high school guard Malik Monk after the teen committed to Kentucky as opposed to Portis’ former school, Arkansas.

After Portis didn’t register a single minute in the Bulls’ first two games of the season, coach Fred Hoiberg said Portis is handling the situation “like a pro” and reiterated that Portis will play key minutes for Chicago this season.

Fans are still waiting.

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