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John Boehner isn’t the only politician guilty of public displays of affection

Few things go together during a campaign cycle quite like politicians and public displays of affection.

And we’re not just talking about Vice President Joe Biden.

<b><small>Vice President Joe Biden’s talks to customers during a stop at Cruisers Diner, in Seaman, Ohio in 2012.</small></b>
Vice President Joe Biden’s talks to customers during a stop at Cruisers Diner, in Seaman, Ohio in 2012.

They all do it. They kiss their spouses. They kiss cute babies. They kiss complete strangers.

Each politician has a unique and sometimes strange style.

And on Tuesday, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, did it again to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, on Tuesday during a ceremony at the Rose Garden to celebrate the “doc fix” bill.

Here it is, in all of its slow-motion glory.

It’s not the first time he’s puckered up to Pelosi.

But it’s probably never a good idea to kiss a lady while holding a large weapon.

One of the more questionable examples of PDA in recent memory came not from a politician, but a politician’s spouse.

In 2011, Rep. Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, went all-in with this kiss to one of his wife’s supporters.

<b><small> Getty Images</small></b>
Getty Images

With the 2016 presidential race getting in gear with Sen. Ted Cruz’s 2016 announcement on Monday, one thing is certain: We’re going to be seeing a significant increase in political PDA.

Some classic moments:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

It’s an impressive move from Christie, with the rarely seen double baby kiss while also holding the babies.

The GIF came in response to a New York Times Magazine illustration where Christie was kissing a terrified baby.

President Barack Obama

The upper lip/cheek move misses the mark.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

<b><small>| Getty Images</small></b>
| Getty Images

Both eyes closed, mouths open and going for the cheek. Odd.

Vice President Joe Biden

<b><small> AP Photo</small></b>
AP Photo

Probably the only time an awkward kiss would make an awkward PDA less awkward.

Mitt and Ann Romney

<b><small> Getty Images</small></b>
Getty Images

They prefer to stare into each other’s souls.

Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird

<b><small>AP file photo</small></b>
AP file photo

Back in 1969, it was apparently OK to give an open mouth kiss to the Deputy Director of Civil Defense, Georgiana H. Sheldon.

Al and Tipper Gore

<b><small> Getty Images</small></b>
Getty Images

Mic drop.