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Dove opener: A few hints from sites around northeast Illinois

Here are prospects for opening day of dove hunting on Thursday, September 1, at eight popular public sites around northeast Illinois listed in order of expected success. The rankings are based on discussions with site staff.

I hope to list opening day results by Friday morning. I am curious what the cool down tonight will do to move birds around.

MATTHIESSEN SP: Doves in most fields, Field 3 looks best, should be top spot again

IROQUOIS SWA: Looks pretty good, some winter wheat, usual draw

DES PLAINES SFWA: Weedy, will do second mowing

KANKAKEE SP: Millet this year, hoping to get second mowing in. Route 102 bridge should be open by weekend

SILVER SPRINGS SFWA: Weedy, will do second mowing

SHABBONA SP: Millet, spring wheat and buckwheat drying, some birds around

CHAIN O’LAKES SP: Fields mowed

MARSEILLES SWA: No draw, foxtail overtook buckwheat and millet, open Monday through Thursday, sign in Gate 60, hunt only dove field north of parking lot 60