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Suit: Palatine pet daycare company loses family dog

Sun-Times file photo

A man filed suit against a northwest suburban Palatine pet daycare company Friday for losing his dog.

Todd Caponi filed the suit against the daycare company, Baxter and Beasely, and one of the owners, Michael Daidone, alleging that they lost his family’s dog while he and his family were on vacation, according to the lawsuit.

He hired Baxter and Beasley to take care of his family’s dog, Digger, in the summer of 2015, according to a statement from Caponi and the suit. On Aug. 5, 2015, he received a phone call from an employee of Baxter and Beasley who told him that “Digger got away.”

Baxter and Beasley initially said that Digger “went crazy…bit staff, then climbed over an eight foot fence…never to be seen again,” Caponi said. They later told him that nobody saw Digger escape and that climbing the eight foot fence was the only way he could have escaped.

After police began to investigate a few weeks later, they claimed that Digger climbed a different fence, Caponi said.

Lost dog flyers that he and volunteers had posted around Palatine kept disappearing, Caponi said. He alleged that one of his volunteers saw an owner of Baxter and Beasley taking one down.

A woman who claimed to be one of the owners of Baxter and Beasley declined to comment Friday night.

The three-count suit seeks damages in excess of $50,000.