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Downers Grove man will invest lottery prize

Illinois Lottery logo | File photo

A west suburban man who recently won a $500 a week for life prize from the Illinois Lottery plans to invest the money.

Steven Sousanes, 50, scratched a $500 a Week for Life instant ticket and won the top prize, according to the Illinois Lottery. The ticket was purchased at a 7-Eleven store in Downers Grove, where Sousanes has lived for 22 years.

Sousanes was sitting at his desk at home when he scratched the ticket, the lottery said. He immediately went back to the store and began running around, shouting when his ticket was confirmed.

Instead of taking the $500-a-week payout, Sousanes decided to take a lump sum $392,000 cash payment, the lottery said. He plans to get professional financial advice and invest his winnings.