Sneed: Hillary’s Chicago fundraising visit is still a go

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Hillary Clinton, shown Sunday in New York, is coming to Chicago at the end of this month for a series of fundraisers. | AP photo

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It’s still on!

Sneed is told Hillary Clinton, who is set to exit bed rest Thursday after a bout of pneumonia, is keeping Chicago on her month’s end schedule for a flurry of fundraisers.

And powerhouse attorney Dan K. Webb has tossed his fundraising net.

A die-hard Republican who went public urging his party to vote for Clinton the day before Donald Trump’s Chicago fundraiser in July, Webb is now part of an aerie of legal eagles raising Clinton cash.

“Look. We can do this,” Webb said.

“We Republicans who voted for Mitt Romney in the last election — we could bring her over the line.”

“It would just take 2 to 3 percent of those Romney voters. It wouldn’t take that many of us.

“I’m not abandoning the Republican Party. I want to help America.

“But Trump will destroy America as we know it.”


Follow @sneedlingsWebb tells Sneed his decision to publicly back Clinton drew a lot of hate calls.

“It was pretty nasty,” said Webb, a former U.S. attorney and and mega-special prosecutor.

“When it was announced I had abandoned the group of Trump Republicans, I got a lot of anonymous phone calls condemning me for choosing to support Hillary,” Webb tells Sneed.

“They were more than inhospitable. It was downright mean stuff. And they left the messages after hours on my phone, so they knew how to reach me.”

“But I also got a lot of phone calls from mainstream Republicans commending me for choosing to support Hillary. They left their names, commending me for going out front due to their disdain for Donald Trump.”

The Kaine scrutiny . . . 


Former White House chief of staff Bill Daley (and wife, Bernie) who was listed as number FIVE in a recent top 100 list of Chicago’s most connected business people by Crain’s Chicago magazine, feted Dem veep candidate Tim Kaine Wednesday night at his North Shore home.

• Top gun: Also invited was private investment mogul Lester Crown, who topped Crain’s list.

Ai! Ai! 

It’s the Cuban beat!

Musician Emilio Estefan, husband of singer Gloria Estefan, was in the bongo seat Tuesday night.

• Translation: Estefan, a mega musical producer and 19-time Grammy Award winner, stopped by Paladar Restaurant and Rum Bar with an entourage including former TV/radio mavens Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano — and wound up hitting the stage and joining the musicians.

“It was incredible,” Murciano said.

“I met Gloria when I was 14 years old at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy in Miami,” she said. “I remember during our free period in school, she’d sit by the grotto and play Carly Simon songs on her guitar. It was amazing. We stayed friends, so when we heard Emilio was in town, we joined him for dinner.

“When he played the bongos with the Afro-American Jazz Crusaders on stage, it was magic.”

Sneedlings . . .

Today’s birthdays: Prince Harry, 32; Tommy Lee Jones, 70, and Dan Marino, 55.

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