Sneed: Kris Bryant jersey ripped off from BGA

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Kris Bryant’s autographed jersey was stolen from the Better Government Association. | AP photo

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The city’s top watchdog wasn’t watching!

Let’s rebake this cake.

Sneed is told an autographed jersey of sizzling hot Cubbie Kris Bryant, which fetched $2,500 at the annual Better Government Association fundraiser auction Tuesday, was stolen!

“It’s gone, missing . . . someone stole it,” chirped BGA President & CEO Andy Shaw, who runs the full-service watchdog agency priding itself on rooting out fraud and corruption on government in Illinois — and holding public officials accountable.

“It’s nowhere to be found,” chuckled Shaw.

The third basemen’s jersey was “underneath me” during the auction, he added. “We are supposed to be the watchdogs, but I apparently flunked that number one watchdog test.

“Hopefully, the Cubs, which are one of our sponsors, will give us a replacement,” added Shaw — who modestly added that the BGA auction at the Sheraton Chicago raised $1 million bucks.

Finder’s fee, anyone?


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Political strategist David Axelrod, a former Chicago reporter, texted Sneed on Wednesday.

“On plane,” texted Axelrod. “Headed to Ukraine.”


“I’m on a panel on the election with [Republican strategist] Karl Rove, [former House Speaker] Newt Gingrich and [former U.S. Rep.] Barney Frank,” said Axelrod, a former top campaign strategist for President Barack Obama — who has been tweeting what appears to be a string of Hillary Clinton critiques.

So how about Dem tweets?

“As for tweets, anyone who follows my tweets and commentary on CNN knows that I have been open in my critiques of all the candidates this year,” Axelrod said.

“I have a high regard for Hillary. My role, and my interest, is not to boost or hinder but simply to comment on what I see.”

P.S: Axelrod is attending the 13th YES (Yalta European Strategy) Annual Meeting in Crimea, which provides an open platform for politicians and business leaders from more than 20 countries to discuss global development.

Be still my tongue.

The women’s room . . . 

“It’s a great job. I get to run around the office all day with my hair on fire.”

Thus quipped Alicia Tate-Nadeau  the city’s first female chief of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, as well as an expert on weapons of mass destruction, who is the Illinois National Guard’s first female general — at an event honoring Ireland’s first female president, Mary Robinson, at the Hilton Chicago Hotel on Thursday.

The Erin Isle . . . 

“Surprised” the United States has yet to elect the nation’s first woman president, Robinson not only felt it was going to happen here, but told Sneed: “It looks like Ireland finally has a chance to have its first Taoiseach [prime minister.]”

Don’t ask. The name and political party was in Gaelic.

• The Burke Beat: Not surprisingly, Ald. Ed Burke (14th) was front and center at the Robinson fete. Robinson’s maiden name is Burke.

The movie set . . . 


Pull open the curtain: Just one week after Kentucky’s Gov. Matt Bevin hit the headlines by suggesting a revolution complete with “blood’’ may result if Clinton is elected president, Bevin snuck into Chicago on Tuesday.

• The upshot: To visit Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, the South Side movie facility where “Empire” and Dick Wolf’s Chicago shows are filmed.

• The clickshot: Snapping selfies on the “Empire” set and touring the sound stages, Bevin is pitching Cinespace President Alex Pissios on the idea of opening a facility in the Bluegrass state. The Illinois Film Office claims Cinespace has generated $1.2 billion in local spending.

Sneedlings . . .

Today’s birthdays: Nick Jonas, 24; Marc Anthony, 48, and Alexis Bledel, 35.

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