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Brandon Marshall: I learned from yelling in Bears locker room

The Bears traded Brandon Marshall in March 2015. (Getty Images)

Brandon Marshall said he learned at least one lesson in Chicago.

On Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” in an episode airing Tuesday, the former Bears receiver spoke about Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr., whose sideline antics Sunday made national news. Giants coach Ben McAdoo said he needed to be “less of a distraction.”

Marshall said he learned from an incident Oct. 19, 2014, in which he screamed in the locker room after the Bears lost at home to the Dolphins.

“What I’ve learned is that not everyone responds to that the right way,” Marshall said. “The best way to get guys together, to galvanize your team is to take the visible emotions out of it because that is the only way you can reach them all. But once you start taking it to another level with anger and rage, then you lose people.

“I learned that, I learned that in Chicago a couple years ago when I came in the locker room after a game and I had tears in my eyes, I’m like, ‘We are better than this…’ and I couldn’t understand why guys didn’t understand it. Until I sat down with my teammates and they said, ‘Brandon, you are too high.’ And that’s when I learned.”

The Bears traded the receiver to the Jets in March 2015.