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Bears predictions: Week 4 vs. the Lions

Bears coach John Fox vs. the Cowboys. (Getty)

The Chicago Sun-Times’ experts offer their predictions for the Bears’ Week 4 matchup against the Lions.


Lions, 24-21

The Bears have dug an 0-3 hole for themselves, and climbing out it will involves skills that they don’t seem to have. The Lions aren’t very good, but when that’s the biggest reason for hope, you’re in trouble. When’s the draft? Season: 2-1


Lions, 28-24

The Bears have been beyond disappointing to something close to wretched. I’m not sure what they do well. Pre-game warmups? The Lions are not exactly NFL royalty, either, and their defense is atrocious. Can the Bears take advantage of that defect? I’m saying no. Season: 1-2


Lions, 24-20

The Bears can beat the Lions, who have lost two in the row, including a 16-15 defeat against the Titans at home. Still, the Bears might be too banged up to take advantage. Backup QB Brian Hoyer might do fine running the offense, but it’s the injuries on defense that really did in the Bears against the Cowboys. Season: 1-2


Bears, 31-30

I’m in my fourth season covering the Bears and have never seen them beat the Lions. But who can forget classics like The Jimmy Clausen Game, the Pernell McPhee Roughing the Passer Game and That One Time Marc Trestman Gave Matt Forte Five Carries? I’ll be the contrarian this week. Season: 2-1


Lions, 24-20

This looks like a good spot for the 0-3 Bears to end some dubious futility — they’ve lost 11 of their last 12 at home; and their last six games against the Lions. But with too many injuries, the Bears aren’t yet good enough to win just because they have to. Season: 2-1