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Friday letters: Ventura is not a Sox plan for the future

White Sox manager Robin Ventura / photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

One can’t help but juxtapose the Cubs extending their contract with Theo Epstein with the widely circulated rumor that “Ace” Ventura could be back on the South Side. If true, the clueless White Sox are proving once again that familiarity breeds consent; that when it comes to employment in any Jerry Reinsdorf organization, loyalty more often than not trumps success.

While the Cubs have a plan, the Sox have only a prayer. It’s amazing, actually, since Reinsdorf is a very successful businessman who surely realizes that gate receipts and profit margins are directly tied to winning baseball. Manager Robin Ventura has yet to achieve a winning season much less a championship. And as the club falls further behind the Indians (of all people) and the Tigers and the Royals, they also fall further behind the Cubs in the hearts of Chicagoans. Shouldn’t that be reason enough to rethink the future path of this ballclub?

Bob Ory, Elgin

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License bicycles

The death toll will rise. On Monday, a young woman riding her bike was killed by a truck at the intersection of Damen and Addison in Chicago. This was the sixth bicyclist fatality in Chicago so far this year. And it will continue to happen unless traffic laws are enforced for bicycles and motor vehicles. Issue small license plates for all bicycles and charge a fee; the additional revenue will benefit the city.

Roger O’Brien, Edgebrook

Steinberg on to something

Neil Steinberg believes Donald Trump will be elected on Nov. 8. But I say only if most of the electorate consists of people who inhabit Trump’s fact-free reality and are irrational enough to vote for him.

OMG, Steinberg is right!

Bob Barth, Edgewater