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Sneed exclusive: Could McCarthy become U.S. Marshal?

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SHARE Sneed exclusive: Could McCarthy become U.S. Marshal?

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Sneed hears there may be a move afoot to urge President Donald Trump to appoint Chicago’s former top cop Garry McCarthy as U.S. Marshal for the Northern District of Illinois.

“It would be a way to draw a line in the sand for eviscerating Chicago as a murder capital,” said a top Illinois Republican leader who tells Sneed he personally talked to McCarthy about the U.S. Marshal’s job last month.

“The Democrats who control Chicago have failed miserably to stem the violence,” the source said.

“Twice this week Trump reiterated: ‘What the hell is going on in Chicago?’

“Now the president is now talking about sending the Feds to Illinois!” the source said.

“Appointing McCarthy, who is highly experienced with a wide background in policing in New Jersey and New York, would be selecting a strong U.S. Marshal who is no fan of Mayor Rahm Emanuel—and who is no fan of the Dem establishment.”


Follow @sneedlings• The backshot: “Crime was considerably down during McCarthy’s tenure as police superintendent before Mayor Emanuel fired him,” the source added.

“McCarthy has the will and grit to attack the problem. He’s a cop’s cop. The rank and file had great respect for him, and he was kicked to the curb.”

• Translation: Some law enforcement experts are speculating that McCarthy could assemble a cadre of retired Chicago Policedetectives who could be sworn in as special deputy marshals to saturate violent areas of Chicago, where crime — especially violent crime — has spiked.

Isn’t it true that President Trump’s personal security team are former NYPD police detectives? Are they whispering in his ear?

• The upshot: “We talked. He listened. But he [McCarthy] said he is now in private business and has a new family to support,” the GOP source said. “He was honored to be considered, but declined.”

If President Trump gets involved, will McCarthy listen?

Stay tuned.

Twitter twaddle . . .

It looks like basketball legend Earvin“Magic” Johnsonhas lost the magic touch.

• To wit: President Trump has erased the hoops star from the list of 41 people and groups he follows on Twitter. [Trump has 22.3 million Twitter followers.]

• The reason? Consider one of Johnson’s last election tweets: “America will make history tomorrow as we elect our first female President,@HillaryClinton! Get out and vote! #ImWithHer.”

Twitter twaddle two . . .

Former CNN commentator Piers Morgan, who is the only Briton President Trump follows on Twitter, sent Brit Prime Minister Theresa May a bit of advice on meeting Trump this week.

• To wit: In addition to advising May to show the Donald’s massive ego respect and to “think big” and “kick ass,” he added: “If it’s all going horribly wrong, don’t hesitate to mention my name or even give me a call directly from the Oval Office and I will smooth things over. It’s the very least I can do for my country.”


What the hell?

Let us now come to terms with President Trump’s favorite “four letter” word being trumpeted at his press conferences: “Hell.”

• As in: “What the hell is going on in Chicago?”

Running with Rauner . . .

Sneed is told Gov. Bruce Rauner, a rich venture capitalist who doesn’t like loose ends, made a last-minute decision to break from his State of the State script Wednesday —which stunned his speechwriters.

“He wanted to speak from the heart,” a Rauner source said.

Stated Rauner: “Now let me take a second —off the script —for just a second. I would personally, I would personally like to thank the senators here today — president, leaders — thank you. Thank you for working so hard, to try to come together, on a bipartisan basis to find a compromise to protect taxpayers. We all know this is very, very difficult. There’s a lot of arrows. Please don’t give up. Please keep working, please keep trying. The people of Illinois need you to succeed. Thank you.”


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Stepping up: Watch for Ald. Matt O’Shea (19th) to walk up 80 flights of stairs Sunday in Chicago’s Aon Centerto raise money for services for kids and their families at Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. . . . I spy: Blackhawks goaltenderCorey Crawford spotted at Chicago Cut on Monday. . . . Today’s birthdays: Rosamund Pike, 38; Alan Cumming, 52, and John Witherspoon, 75.

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