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Cubs’ push gets 2016 World Series ring removed from auction site

2016 Cubs World Series ring detail: (Courtesy of Jostens)
The Cubs’ championship rings were designed and produced by Jostens. They are made from14-karat white gold. The top features the traditional Cubs bull’s-eye logo, crafted from 33 custom-cut red rubies that are surrounded by 72 round white diamonds, all within a circular perimeter made up of 46 custom-cut blue sapphires. The ring contains 214 diamonds at 5.5 karats, 3 karats of red rubies and 2.5 karats of sapphires.

With some firm prodding from the Cubs, that 2016 World Series ring has been removed from Lelands Auction’s site.

The Cubs were unhappy the ring — which the team confirmed belongs to a former scout — had been put up for sale earlier this month.

Though the opening bid was a clever $1,908, it had recently reached $65,000 with 13 days left in the auction before it disappeared on Saturday. Bidding was scheduled to close Oct. 27.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green said the team worked with Lelands and verified it was a genuine ring given to a scout.

“We appreciate Lelands respected our rights per the contract signed by the associate [scout] and removed the item from the auction,” Green said via text Saturday night.

“This lot is closed. Bidding is not allowed,” the listing stated Saturday evening. The ring was not sold.

When the rings were distributed in April, appraisers estimated they could fetch anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 on the open market.

But when the Cubs handed out those fancy rings in April, they issued a memo to recipients — non players — insisting the Cubs reserve the right to buy the overwhelming majority of the rings back for $1, according to a memo obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

‘‘We are currently investigating how this ring landed on an auction site for sale,’’ Green said earlier this month. ‘‘This is not an authorized sale, so we’re putting the market on notice to proceed with caution.

‘‘Caveat emptor — let the buyer beware — for any interested buyers, as this ring may be counterfeit.’’

The site said the ring “includes original Jostens presentational box with light display & etched glass top stating ‘CHICAGO CUBS 2016 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS.’ Scout’s name has been kept hidden to honor their anonymity.”

Contributing: Gordon Wittenmyer