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10 takeaways from the Bears’ decision to start Mitch Trubisky

Mitch Trubisky will start. (AP)

The Bears made big news with their decision to replace quarterback Mike Glennon with rookie Mitch Trubisky, which became public knowledge on Monday.

Here are some quick thoughts on Trubisky and the Bears’ big change as previously shared on Twitter.

1. The Bears didn’t want to be backed into a corner and forced to play Mitch Trubisky but Mike Glennon’s struggles did that. That said …

2. … Trubisky displayed continuous improvement since camp. Glennon, meanwhile, did not. Everyone saw it in practice. Players saw it.

3. Trubisky took advantage of scout-team reps during practices in the regular season to improve his mechanics but also his understanding of NFL defenses.

4. As the scout-team quarterback, Trubisky didn’t just want to help the Bears’ starting defense on some reps; he wanted to beat them. And he did at times.

5. The Bears’ offense will change — maybe dramatically – -with Trubisky starting. Glennon’s physical limitations limited play calls.

6. Many within the Bears organization had become very dissatisfied with Glennon’s play. The discontent started in Week 2. The Steelers win didn’t change it.

7. Glennon is still personally liked at Halas Hall. He’s a “good guy.” But production matters. Staying with him became impossible because of his struggles — see his eight turnovers.

8. The Bears’ wide receivers still will be criticized. But everyone at Halas Hall saw on film open opportunities that have been missed over the first four weeks.

9. Trubisky has much to learn. Don’t forget that. The Bears clearly are excited about him, but they also understand there will be ups and downs. Fans should be prepared for the same.

10. Last one: The Bears organization needed this jolt. There are real feelings of rejuvenation. This is the start of a new era for the franchise.