President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Governor Ricardo Rossello of Puerto Rico in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday,, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

LETTERS: Trump should apologize to soldier’s family

SHARE LETTERS: Trump should apologize to soldier’s family
SHARE LETTERS: Trump should apologize to soldier’s family

All President Donald Trump has to do is apologize, sincerely, if what he said was hurtful to the family of the deceased American soldier. He need not mount a defense for every time he blunders. It would be better if he were just be more prayerful, if he tried harder to be more respectful of others. Maybe he should read the definition of the word “respect” and meditate on that for a full day. He’s not a good person.

People mistakes, and this guy does it everyday, probably because he has never had contact with people of lesser means than himself. He lives in a world that most people can’t even comprehend. He has no soft side because it’s not required or admired in his world of harsh business dealings. Therefore, he’s totally unaware of how callous he is. He’s America, and the world’s, worst nightmare.

Edwina Jackson, Longwood Manor

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Unfair firing of O’Hare security cops

The dismissal of two O’Hare Airport security officers for forcibly ejecting a passenger waswrong. They were the wrong people to dismiss. The two security officers were sent by their office to respond to a request from the airport’s tower and an airline. They attempted to reason with the man, to no avail. Had they walked away, they could have been charged with dereliction of duty and terminated; instead, they removed him forcibly at the request of the airline. Yet no one from the airline was held accountable. If the officers are smart, they will file a civil action against the city and the airline to compensate them for their loss of employment and the ruination of their names.

John Culloton, West Chicago

The Nero of climate change

I think we can see where this is going and and fairly confidently write the legacy of the Trump administration now with respect to global climate change. While the rest of the world is signed on to at least talk about climate change and possible scenarios to limit carbon emissions, the U.S. is siding with Syria — the only other country not signed on to the Paris Accord.

Trump will go down in history as the Nero of climate change and, tragically, the U.S. is in the top four of carbon emitters. Note that bringing climate change to a standstill will take a 100 or more if some limits are begun NOW.

Restrictions could be negotiated as gradual so as not to bury the oil and coal industries with a stroke. In fact these large industries with money and distribution could be brought into the problem solving discussion. There’s always money to be made where there lies innovation, R&D, and clever problem solving.

Trump will be the powerless president who did nothing because he was not allowed to by his employers — Big Power and Big Oil. When you end up siding with Syria, when you offer no solutions, when you keep pounding the denial drum long after anyone who can read a graph has stopped shows that you are powerless. You are powerless as every lackey is powerless to their masters. Trump will do down as a very bad president and a mediocre puppet. Finally, Trump could care less about his own legacy. He cares about his stuff and his money. I can only hope he lives long enough to see all the golf courses in the world either under water or burned up.

Scott Welty, Lincoln Square

Wildly exagerrated

I wonder if Donald Trump would threaten to pull FEMA and other first responders out of Puerto Rico if he had a Trump Golf Resort in San Juan? And bragging about his response as a “10 out of 10” in assisting the island recover from hurricane Maria is wildly exaggerated when 3 million are still without power and 1 million without running water as of Nov. 20.

This is really another example of Trump’s bigotry and disregard for the plight of Americans in serious trouble. He plays golf while people are dying.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

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