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Good, bad and worse: How the Bears fared in 23-16 loss to the Packers

Davante Adams catches a touchdown pass covered by Kyle Fuller. (Getty Images)

Some weeks are better than others for the Bears:

Good week

Forget Connor Barth and Akiem Hicks — the money line had the best week. John Fox has now been favored six times as the Bears’ head coach, according to Pro Football Reference. He has won — wait for it — zero of those games.

Bad week

Teams continue to throw at cornerback Kyle Fuller. On Sunday, he didn’t make the Packers pay. He deflected two passes — one was a dropped interception on the Packers’ first drive — but each of the other eight balls thrown his way was a completion, per Pro Football Focus. The Packers totaled 127 passing yards when throwing in Fuller’s direction. That included Davante Adams’ 19-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.


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Worst week

Besides Fox?

Two of the Bears’ biggest free-agent signings last offseason — wide receiver Markus Wheaton (two years, $11 million, with $6 million guaranteed) and cornerback Marcus Cooper (three years, $16 million, with $8 million guaranteed) combined to play just three snaps at their primary positions. Both were healthy.

Cooper played one defensive down and 14 on special teams. Wheaton played two snaps in his first game back from a groin pull. The Bears seemingly don’t trust the veteran, who has one catch this season.

“Well, I think he’s got to practice full speed for a period of time,” Fox explained. “And the more I think he’s out there and can show coaches what he can do, the better for him.”

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