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Dick Vitale rips LaVar Ball, says UCLA players should sit out year

Dick Vitale, as you probably know by now, seldom talks about the game he’s announcing. Such was the case when the ESPN color commentator was calling the Michigan-North Carolina game on Wednesday.

At one point during the second half, Vitale drifted to the topic of UCLA and its three freshmen players — LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill — who were arrested for shoplifting in China.

Much has been made about how UCLA will punish the three players, who have been on an indefinite suspension pending an internal investigation. Here’s what Vitale said about the situation:

“UCLA — Steve Alford’s got some talent down there. [He] lost those three kids in that incredible scene down there in Shanghai. [The] kids [are] very lucky they are not still in China. Multiple stores they stole from. It’s just embarrassing. Humiliating, representing their university in that fashion.

“I’ll personally tell you this: If they play again this year, those kids, I say shame on you, UCLA. I really mean it. Shame on you. I mean, there’s no way in the world. Have them practice, do what they can, go to class, give them a year, but they have to learn from that. You can’t just say as their dad said, ‘What is it, they just stole some sunglasses.’ Are you kidding me? Are you serious, LaVar Ball? What kind of parental advice is that to young people? Don’t get me started on that.”

Pretty strong words from Dickie V, who has gone after LaVar Ball in the past. Watch: