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WATCH: Michael Bennett instigates ugly ending to Seahawks-Jaguars game

With both teams battling for playoff spots, most expected a heated battle between the Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars. But not like this.

As the Jaguars were running a kneel-down play to cap their 30-24 victory, Seahawks defender Michael Bennett took out his frustration on Jaguars center Brandon Linder’s knees.

Bennett’s cheap shot set off a series of events that had Seahawks coach Pete Carroll running on the field and players brawling.

After the Seahawks’ Quinton Jefferson was ejected, he tried to go into the stands after fans who were throwing beverages at him. It was not a pretty scene.

Earlier in the week, Bennett was elected as the Seahawks’ nominee for the league’s Walter Payton Award, which recognizes excellence on and off the field.