Passengers wait in security lines at Chicago’s Midway International Airport. A rookie dog assigned to security at the airport had been having a few problems, but her employer remains supportive. | Sun-Times file photo

Midway bomb-sniffing dog has pooping problem

SHARE Midway bomb-sniffing dog has pooping problem
SHARE Midway bomb-sniffing dog has pooping problem

Everyone makes mistakes early in their careers.

So the fact that a rookie bomb-sniffing dog has been pooping in the terminals and concourses at Midway International Airport is being dealt with delicately by her employer.

“It’s not going to ruin her career,” Kevin McCarthy, who heads up Transportation Security Administration operations at Midway, said earlier this week.

“It doesn’t impact her ability to do the job.”

The issue: the pooch, who’s just over two years old, has been getting a bit jittery in crowds.

But she’s making progress and getting more familiar with hordes of passengers. The canine is only four months into the new gig. McCarthy said he’s confident the pup will get past it.

McCarthy declined to share the dog’s breed but a source said she’s a German Shepherd.

McCarthy, who’s worked with TSA at Midway for four years, hasn’t encountered the problem before and would not say how often the issue occurs.

When it does, the mess is quickly cleaned, he said.

The names of contraband-sniffing dogs — seven patrol Midway — are not disclosed in order to avoid well-meaning passengers from calling them by name and distracting the dogs while they’re on the job.

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